2017 - Rosseau Fall Fair - Volunteer List


  Activity Help Needed Description  
 HOME GOODS TABLE Donations for silent auction
  The Home Goods table features a silent auction of items that are home-made.  You could donate knitting, jams, jellies, pickles, quilting, sewing.  Anything that is home-made would be very welcome at this table.  This table is an important fund-raising table for the Rosseau Agricultural Society.  For more information on this opportunity, please contact Secretary Kim Stahls at 705-732-1664.
 SET UP FAIR Help to set up tables and display racks
 Fair set-up starts on Monday August 17th, 2016 at 7pm.  We will need cheerful helpfulness and strong arms!  This would be a great opportunity for high school students to earn some volunteer hours before the school semester starts. 
 ASSIST WITH EVENTS Help to run the events
 There are many events that require helpers to keep the events functioning smoothly.  Running races, Dime Toss, Parade, Frog Jumping contest, Balloon Blast, and many others.
 ASSIST WITH CLEAN-UP Take down tables
Take down display racks
Clean up the fairgrounds
 When the fair closes at 4 pm on Saturday, we will need help with taking down the exhibits, stacking the folding tables and doing a cleanup of the fairgrounds.  This is another great opportunity for students to earn volunteer hours. 
 HIGH SCHOOL  VOLUNTEER HOURSGet volunteer hours        
 If you are entering Grade 9 this year, you can start to earn your volunteer hours before school starts.
If you are close to graduating and have not yet earned the required volunteer hours, this is a great chance to complete all of the hours you need.  For more information on how to volunteer, please contact

How to Volunteer:
Contact any one of the executive members of the Rosseau Agricultural Society:
President Dawn Chisholm - 705-732-4941
Secretary Kim Stahls - 705-732-1664
1st Vice President Cheryl Bissonette - 705-732-1100
2nd Vice President Jessica Dixon - 705-783-0779
Treasurer Florence Smith - 705-732-2946

There are many opportunities to assist with the Rosseau Fall Fair:

By looking at the list to the left, for the activities to volunteer for, please fill out the form provided to 
give us your options when you are available to volunteer and what is your preference for both
time and activity.

If you wish to pick the activity and time, you must fill out the form for each activity and
corresponding time slot you wish to volunteer for.

NOTE:  Must be 12 years of age and older to Volunteer.  The Rosseau Agricultural Society will do the best to honour your choose for volunteer time and activity, but we might contact you to request either a different activity and/or time slot depending on the number for requests for that time and corresponding activity.

2017 - Rosseau Fall Fair - Volunteer Sign Up Form